Blessed Jane Scopelli, Virgin

scopelliBlessed Jane Scopelli, Virgin

O. Carm: Optional Memorial

Born in Regio Emilia in 1438, Jane took the Carmelite habit, living at first in her home and later in the monastery founded in that city, where she became prioress. She had a special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. She died in 1491.

from De vita Mariae-formi et Mariana by Michael of St. Augustine

Mystical life with Mary

We have shown previously how the deiform and divine life, life in God, is to
be practiced. Here we shall show how the Mariform and Marian life is to be

In order to live in God, we must, in all our actions, omissions, and
sufferings, perform the will of God. We must accept with a loving and
reverent attitude of soul whatever trials may come to us whether they be
corporal or spiritual, whether they arise from within ourselves of come from
without, whether they are inflicted by our fellow-men or by the demon
himself. And we must keep our soul turned towards God, in contact with the
Divine Essence as with the very air we breathe. Thus did our Savior allow
His works to be performed by His Father abiding within Him, and thus did He
labor and live with His soul lovingly and reverently inclined towards His
heavenly Father.

Likewise can we live in Mary, our Mother, most worthy of all love. We can
live in Mary if we will strive, in all our deeds and omissions, in our
penances and trials and afflictions, to preserve and promote within
ourselves a filial, tend inclination of soul towards Mary also–if we will
strive always to aspire towards Mary as towards our most loving and most
beloved Mother in God. Our love will then flow, as it were, from God to
Mary and from Mary back to God.

It would seem that sometimes the Spirit of God causes such life in a soul
through a superior gift of love. This gift brings about a superabundance or
overflow of divine love which is then directed towards Mary, only to return
again from her to God.

“Because you are sons of God, God has sent the Spirit of His Son into your
hearts, crying: Abba, Father,” writes Saint Paul. From this we learn that
the Spirit of Jesus abides in the children of God, producing in them,
according to their capacity, a tender love for God the Father. But just as
this Spirit produced in Jesus a filial love for His Eternal Father, so it
also produced in Him a filial affection for His most dear Mother, and this
it will continue to do for all eternity. Is it any wonder, therefore, if
the Spirit of Jesus which, in the hearts of the children of God cries Abba,
Father (that is, produces love for the Father of Jesus), also cries from
those same hearts Ave, Mater (that is, produces filial and reverential love
and affection for Mary), even as happened in Jesus Himself during His
lifetime and happens now in heaven?

Therefore, to souls in love with Mary these words might well be addressed:
“Because you are the sons and daughters of Mary, God has sent the Spirit of
His Son into your hearts, there to cry out: Ave, Mater”–that is, there to
produce filial, tender love for Mary as a most dear and worthy Mother. For
it is one and the same Spirit of Jesus which produces all in these souls;
namely, both divine and Marian love, without hindering either. Only think
how this took place in Christ without prejudice to the highest perfection,
and you will realize how it can take place in certain of Mary’s chosen
children without prejudice to the contemplative life of perfection.

This all seems to be understandable enough. For what wonder is there if the
Spirit of Christ, where it lives and dwells, has diverse operations:
contemplation and love of God and contemplation and love of Mary, and so on?
One and the same Spirit of Jesus, as we have said, accomplishes all this in
the faithful soul, according to the capacity of each one and the desire of
the Spirit.


Lord our God, may the witness of Your faithful bride the virgin Bl. Jane Scopelli awaken the fire of divine love in our hearts. May it inspire other young women to give their lives to the service of Christ and His Church. Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.  Amen.