Is it Time for Roofing Repairs or a Full Roof Replacement?

If your roof has sprung a leak, then you will be looking for repairs to be made. However, depending on a variety of factors it could actually be time for a full roof replacement rather than a simple repair.

Here are some of the signs and factors that could determine this. It’s an idea to bear all of these in mind whilst assessing your roof. If you won roof ticks a lot of these boxes, then at least you can be prepared for the upcoming discussion with your roofer.


Nothing lasts forever and a roof is no different!

Age can be a big factor if determining if you roof can be repaired or needs to rebuilt from scratch. The average life span of an asphalt shingle roof is probably going to be around 20 to 25 years, with factors like local weather conditions affecting the overall lifespan.

Chances are, unless you built your own home you will have no idea of the age of the roof. If this sounds like you, it could be a good idea to call in professional roofing contractors for an evaluation.

They can give you an idea of the remaining lifespan of your roof, allowing you to plan financially for any necessary replacement or rework – instead of being hit with a sudden bill for emergency repairs.

Shingle Condition

The overall condition of your shingles is going to give you big clues at to the health of your roof.

If you can get up onto your roof for a close inspection, that effort will really pay off, because there are some things that are easier to spot up close than from ground level.

Up there, if you spot any shingle tiles that are curling at the edges or sinking in the middle, this is an indication that the roof is moving toward the end of it’s useful lifespan, as tiles only curl or buck when they have been in place for a significant amount of time.

Gutter Check

Whilst you are up there, take a quick look into your gutters. If you see lots of dark granules in there, this means the shingles have started shedding material. Often times when gutters are giving out it’s also time for a roof repair in the vicinity of gutter attachment points.

Again, this is a good sign that replacement could be on the cards, as shingle tiles start to shed material as the result of wear and tear – i.e. as they are moving toward the end of their useful lifespan.


The final check to be made whilst up on the roof is to gently push it with the palm of your hand. It should feel solid, with very little give.

If on the other hand it feels bouncy, or there is significant give, this indicates an overall failure of the roof exterior, and water has penetrated the underlying materials.

Dark Patches

This is something you can spot from the ground.

Take a look up at to the roof a few hours after rainfall. If some patches are darker than others, this suggests that the roof is not drying at a uniform rate. In other words, some parts of the shingle (or the underlying material) are drawing in moisture and not drying properly.

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